Friday, 18 December 2009

Merry christmas everyone!

So, its now exactly 1 week until the jolly man in the red suit comes and treats us all. The snow has arrived and its so cold, the snow is freezing! I thought i'd look for some winter warmers..... Here are some of the lovely things i found! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (AND HAPPY REVISION) x x xx

This ASOS cardi is fab and quite festive it's also a bargain, at just £40

This is truly one of the ultimate winter essentials. Keep you ears warm without hat hair.... (Nightmare)

ASOS £15

Fairisle Gloves £25

Nothing says Christmas more to me than a dodgy knit. However these and the rest of the knitted items, buck the trend. They look good, on trend and most importantly..... KEEP YOU COSY!!!

Have a lovely Christmas.


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