Wednesday, 18 November 2009

In Vogue

Looking through the recent copy of Vogue, I came across fashion illustrations and thought it would be good to write about.

When I was at college the class was encouraged to attempt to illustrate our designs on paper on models, this isn't just drawing a stick person (or it can be if you want). Fashion illustration is an art in itself, I feel it sperate from other froms of art, it's not still life or simply drawing a model, there is method behind it. The model is elongated and slender, other wise it doesn't work.

I feel in love with fashion illustrating then and still do it often. Anyway, I thought i'd share some of the work of my fav illustrators... Here we go....

David Downton is the man responsible for the M&S campaign with Twiggy and others on the bags. He has worked with many celebrites such as Erin O'conner, Lily Cole and Liz Hurley to name a few .....

Kelly Smith is my new fav, her work is stunning and flawless... She manages to capture the stares that have been seen in photographs of the models for such a long time. As many other illustrators work are often stylised, hers are different I feel they capture a simple innoncence.... (the 1st image at the top is also one of hers)

Antoinette Fleur is a French illustrator, she works in felt tip pens, which I find quite different, her work is refreshing, i've never seen anything like it....

Here's a link for a template of illustration, have a go, you may become the next Kelly Smith.....
Remember, fashion illustrations are 9 heads tall.

Genius Jacket

I have a thing for jackets, I have many infact...
So when I found this on the Topshop website I was and still am in awe. The work that has gone in to this is absolutly amazing.
Beyonce, who is a designer lover... (Her affair with Balmain clothing has been well documented and wonderful to watch) Has been spotted with the same jacket.
Its such a versitile piece, dress it up with a dress or heels or dress it down with jeans and boots.
At £200 it is rather high priced but I think it would be worth it.
Take note santa.

Friday, 6 November 2009


Looking through any mag at the moment your more than likely going to find the usual looks (Military, Rock/Goth and some Boho thrown in) and every year they never seem to change all that much.... BUT... I don't know if its just me but I have noticed a big bunch of tweeds, riding boots and cutesy florals. And I have to say i like it.... And to wear it you dont have to go the whole hog. Throw on a tweed jacket over your normal get up... And your part of the trend....I may ask for something like this from the fat man in red.

This caot comes from Dubarry and come in at $879.00

Cocktail Anyone??

Whilst I was trawling the tin-ternet today... Pretending I could afford anything. By the Way i've just realised how much times i've said I have no money (donations are welcome :)) Anyways I came across this dress from ASOS...
Now... I will reserve judgement as to whether I like the dress or not... BUT I have to say, i really like the colour, as it seems a lovely change from the usual Black.. OK I do like the actual dress itself (i mean the bit under it) But I have no idea where you may wear this dress.... The cage detail seems to big year....(but I can't help thinking of X Factor girl band Kandi Rain)
So let me know what you think??
For anyone interested the dress is £100 from ASOS.


I stumbled across these images of Alexander Wangs's SS2010 Collection... I have to say i'm lusting after nearly everything I have saw.... If only I had the purse (and cash inside to match)....

Follow the link to see many more AMAZING pieces!!

Jealous Much

So if you know me, you'll know i love all kinds of music... I like to think I have an ecleptic taste in the stuff.... And one of my fav bands is Kings of Leon. So you may imagine my joy when I heard they were launching a one off collection for Paris Texas... They band have teamed up with French designers Surface to Air... I was thinking... leather... Denim... Checks and Jeresy and printed t-shirts. I was right... but to my dismay it appears that its male only (not that it would matter, I couldn't afford it anyways)!!!

Follow the link and have a look....

I've had a wee change of heart about my blog.... Instead i'm just going to make this about all the little fashionable things I love... you may think some are silly or weird however i LOVE it all... So this will be my own personal look book!!! I hope you may enjoy it.